Terms and conditions of use

The FEELGOOD Collective is an association of patients and caregivers qualified pursuant to California Health & Safety Code &11362.5, The Compassionate Use Act, and associating pursuant to California Health & Safety Code 711362.775. The Collective is owned by the members. All Medical cannabis produced or acquired by the Collective belongs to the members. The Collective does not engage in any sales of cannabis. The Collective endeavors to distribute the collectively produced or acquired medical cannabis among the members while allocating costs for production and/or acquisition and services on an equitable basis. The costs and services consist of both the Actual out-of-pocket costs of production or acquisition, and the expenses incurred in making the medical cannabis available to the membership. Such expenses include rent for the Collective facility, reasonable wages for members providing necessary services such as management, farming services, facility upkeep, security, administrative and such other services as necessary and proper for the efficient management of the Collective. Members agree to contribute labor, resources and/or financially, in equitable proportion to their use of Collective medicine and services.


  1. Physician recommendation or approval for use of medical cannabis must be kept current at all times. Patient/members are responsible for knowing when their recommendation or approval expires and submitting renewals or other new paperwork prior to said expiration. All recommendation and approvals, both initial and renewals will be verified.
  2. Submission of false or intentionally misleading forms, documents, and/or records shall be grounds for expulsion from the FEELGOOD Collective and cancellation of membership.
  3. Medical cannabis obtained through The FEELGOOD Collective is for personal medical use of patient/members only, and may not be redistributed to any other person for any purpose. Such redistribution shall be ground for expulsion from The FEELGOOD Collective and cancelation of membership.
  4. The FEELGOOD Collective members shall be respectful and cognizant of The Collective members, employees, and our neighbors at all times. No abusive of offense conduct, loitering, loud noise, or littering is allowed in the FEELGOOD Collective facility. None of these activities, as well as ingestion of the medicine, is allowed in the vicinity of the FEELGOOD Collective and its neighbors. Violation of this rule shall be ground for expulsion from The FEELGOOD Collective and cancellation of membership.
  5. Only the FEELGOOD Collective members may enter the facility.
  6. The FEELGOOD Collective patient/members agree to reimburse the collective for actual cost of cultivation or acquisition of medical cannabis. In addition, each member agrees to contribute to the maintenance and expenses of the collective in an amount proportionately related to the member's use of collective services and facilities. Maintenance and expenses of the collective may include, but are not limited to, rent, salaries, insurance, utilities, and other expenses incurred by the collective as a direct result of providing for the members collective medical needs.
  7. Any funds remaining after all expenses incurred by The FEELGOOD Collective are paid shall be redistributed to the members of The FEELGOOD Collective or disbursed in a manner to be determined by a vote of the member of the FEELGOOD collective, with the limitation that any such disbursement shall be for the benefit of the patient/members of The FEELGOOD Collective.


  • I hereby request to become a member of the FeelGood Collective. I am informed and understand that the FeelGood Collective is composed of medical cannabis patients who have organized together for the purpose of collectively providing for their medical needs in compliance with California Health & Safety Code 11362.5 and 11362.775. By submitting this application I am representing that I am qualified and authorized to use cannabis for medical purposes in that I suffer from a qualifying illness or condition and have sought treatment from a licensed physician who has recommended or approved my use of medical cannabis, as provided for California law.
  • I certify that I have been given a copy of the FeelGood Collective Rules, have read these Rules, understand them, and agree to abide by these Rules.
  • I authorize the FeelGood Collective, its agents and assigns, to release information specifically verifying my membership in the FeelGood Collective in response to medical provider and/ or law enforcement inquiries.
  • I further authorize the FeelGood Collective, its agents and assigns, to supply a copy of my medical cannabis recommendation or approval in response to medical provider and/or law enforcement requests, as well as agents acting on my behalf.

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